Motivate and Equip Your Church for Missions

Find Out How Tentmakers Bible Mission Can Encourage
Your Church to Engage in Local and Global Missions

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Tentmakers Bible Mission

A Project of Tentmakers Bible Mission

Want to Do More, But Not Sure How?

We Can Help Overcome Obstacles That Hinder Missions

Develop Interest

Want to raise awareness and cultivate motivation for missions?

Most churches seek to get more people involved in missions. Our resources will be geared toward developing an interest in missions with practical ways to engage your church.

Improve Communication

Want to stay more connected and involved with your missionaries?

One challenge that many churches face is how to communicate effectively with missionaries. We can help your church think of ways to more effectively support your missionaries

Find a Biblical Direction

Want to become more purposeful and intentional in your mission program?

Does your church have a well-defined plan for missions? Tentmakers Bible Mission can help your church develop a specific plan for local and global missions with our training resources.

Focused Resources for Local Churches

We are Developing Free Resources for Your Church

While Tentmakers primarily exists to facilitate our missionaries in their church planting ministries, we've realized that another role of a mission organization is to assist local churches to understand, plan and realize their vision for an effective mission program.

Meeting Churches Where They Are

Helping Them Accomplish What They Were Meant To

Theology of Mission

of Mission

Theology is important. A correct understanding of biblical Mission gives the right foundation for an effective missions program.

Theology of Mission

of Missions

Determining what is important is a key part in growth of your mission program. You need to define your perspective on your role in global missions.

Theology of Mission

for missions

When we know why missions is important, we can look at ways to effectively implement the specific vision for our church.

Theology of Mission

for missions

Understand which areas of ministry, locally and globally your church can engage in to make the greatest impact in missions.

Mission Committee Crash Course

Developing a Biblically-Based, Strategic and Effective Mission Program

Our first resource is designed to help mission committees and church leadership understand the theology, philosophy, strategy, and methodology connection to missions in your local church.